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Team Ride Ride @ Shop Ride
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The ride is 56 miles, from shop to shop.  It should be a lot of roads you’ve never ridden.  The way out, the way back in, the climb after climb in the middle, all filled in by super-fun rollers!  You’ll fall for the West Side.

But it goes out differently than our normal rides.  We will leave at 9:00, as normal, but immediately hop up into druid hill park.  The route then runs out Greenspring all the way past Northern Pkwy to Cross Country.  We roll west out Cross Country until Park Heights, then it gets a bit crazy.  I would absolutely recommend trying to make the ride start at the shop, or, ride backwards down Cross Country and Greenspring.  Pin Pointing an exact time to rendevous anywhere along the way will be very tough.  Greenspring is hillier than Roland, so it will take us 20-25 minutes just to get to Cross Country.

Should be an awesome ride, and given how out of shape I am, you should show up at least for the amusement of my pain.